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First Year with my Fireblade

MotorcyclesPosted by Fred (FireBladerDk) 2009-08-26 21:40:51

After more than one year and 12000 km on my 2008 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade I'm still thrilled and amazed every time I mount the bike to go to work, to go down shopping or to take a ride with fellow bikers.

First of all, I enjoy all the features that I read about before I bought the bike, and which have all proven to be true: The feeling of complete control, the extremely low weight and small size, the immence amount of power whenever you want it, the somewhat frightening fact that there is always more power and speed available when you hit your own limits and capabilities. For me it will be a bike to learn from forever, because I know for sure that I will newer come to a skill level, where I can master all it is able to give, neither on track nor on road.

And then I enjoy the long list of features which I did not know about before I bought the bike: the stability of the bike in all maneuvers, the excellent airflow arround your body and helmet, the almost complete lee for your hands on the steering handles, the sound at slow speed silent as a cat, and at 100 km/h the exhaust opens with a restrained growl, revealing the hidden lion, the many admiering looks, the surprise you give most car drivers - and even many motorcycle drivers - when this little beautyfull bike slowly passes by, and suddenly accellerates out of sight.

Mounting my Garmin Zümo 550 GPS on the Fireblade proved to be a special challenge. It was imposibble to obtain a good position of the GPS with any of the mounting fittings available on the market. Only after constructing my own low weight mounting bracket in black anodized aluminum could I obtain a position where it is possible to observe the GPS while still keeping eyes on the road. The mount is elegant and rock steady. It is mounted with the nuts for the left mirror, and it does not block view to any of the bike instrumentation. See this DIY article if you want to know more.

smiley ... Fred

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